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Our Mission

To empower children to believe in themselves and that all things are possible through a connection of mind and body.

Mind And

Regular physical activity is a key factor in the brain development of elementary-school-age children. Studies show that students who are physically active have significantly better academic performance levels throughout the school day.


Empowerment And

Mental motor skills are essential in determining your child’s success in school. Children who have a chance to develop their motor skills have a higher tendency to enjoy learning and stay motivated. Our five RevUp activities are straightforward and superb for the motor development of children.

RevUp IN Action

Five RevUp Self-Esteem Activities

These five RevUp activities will build your child’s self-esteem and mental motor skills:

●  Carioca is a fun dance that improves focus, coordination, flexibility, and concentration.

●  Jump rope is a perfect activity for improving posture and endurance.

●  Backward walking is a fun exercise for strengthening control and balance.

●  Speed bag punching is an excellent activity for improving hand-eye coordination and reaction time.

●  Pull-ups work the back and shoulder muscles.

The RevUp Impact

RevUp has been designed to develop and enhance each child's motor skills, it also creates a sense of empowerment for children when they are able to do these activities on their own.

Mind & Body

Each child will develop a connection between mind and body creating a true understanding as well as trust within themselves.

Self Confidence

The program will create a sense of achievement for each child giving them self confidence believing that anything they do is achievable.

Health & Fitness

RevUp encourages and inspire children to become more active because the activities are all about being active and empowering your motor skills.

Take Action

Big goals are achieved in small steps. Our health movement is organized in a way that allows everyone to participate.

Take Part in Helping Children develop their Mental Motor Skills

You can be apart of helping thousands of children develop and enhance their motor skills through the RevUp with a donation. Children are and will always be the future so developing their motor skills will help them reach their full potential to make an impact in our world. 

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