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Be apart of Our journey

We appreciate your generous support to help us on our journey and we are also glad to have you along for the ride.

Empower &

To empower children to believe in themselves and that all things are possible through a connection of mind and body.

Building a Team

We are committed to building a team of talented and driven individuals from staff to volunteers who dedicate themselves to caring out the RevUp Mission. 

How we Use

RevUp is all about transparency and showing donors how we use their generous donation.

RevUp Gear

We provide the children and volunteers with all the gear they need to do the RevUp program. The RevUP starter bag includes a jump rope, T-shirt, and water bottle.

RevUp Equipment

Our coaches will be required to bring some equipment for the children to complete some of the activities that has been created by Coach Dennis.

Finding & Training Volunteers

Finding and training volunteers is a long process that requires a lot of resources from background checks to getting references and much more.

Partnerships with Non-profits

Expanding our program to other non-profit is a key focus to organization mission. Donations help us connect to other non-profits in the area.

Operating Expense

All organizations have expenses they need in order to operate, we have softwares, accounting, human resources that we need to cover.

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and advertising are very important to any organization. We use 2%-3% of all donation to help us spread awareness of our great program.

Be a Monthly Donor

We invite you join us on this journey by being a monthly donor and see how your donations will impact thousands of children.


$125 / month
  • Provide 10 kids with a Revup bag
  • 3 Kids work with Dennis


$250 / month
  • Provide 20 kids with a Revup bag
  • 6 Kids work with Dennis
  • Expand the program to 2 non-profit partners


$417 / month
  • Provide 20 kids with a Revup bag
  • 6 Kids work with Dennis
  • Expand the program to 2 non-profit partners


$834 / month
  • Provide 50 kids with a Revup bag
  • 12 Kids work with Dennis
  • Expand the program to 4 non-profit partners
  • Add 2 Volunteer Coaches to our team

Take Action

Big goals are achieved in small steps. Our health movement is organized in a way that allows everyone to participate.

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