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Improving Mental Motor Skills

RevUp is focused on helping kids with or without disabilities improve their mental motor skills with 5 simple but powerful activities. 

What is RevUP

The RevUp Program

RevUp is a program designed to improve your mental motor skills, by performing 5 simple activities twice a week. These activities are simple enough that both children and adults can do them together in a group or on their own, no more than 1 to 3 minutes per activity.

” I never taught or coached a bad kid. I always saw the best in each one. The great thing about all kids if they feel compassion and sincerity from an adult, mentor, teacher, or coach they will respond with a positive and willing to learn attitude. There isn’t anything better than seeing a child’s eyes light up and say “Hey Coach I can do this” !!

Dennis Delois


We have so many ways YOU can get involved and be a part of our journey to help children improve their mental motor skills.


When you donate your financial contribution can make a direct impact into our program that will help us extend our reach to more children.

Shop your favorite retailers

You can support RevUp by shopping online at your favorite retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and many others.


If you love working with children and seeing them improve, as well as feeling confident then get directly involved in the action by volunteering with us.


Become a company sponsor, with different levels of sponsorship your company can choose how involved they would like be.


Companies and Non-profits can become partners to help spread awareness about the RevUp program.

Be Social

Be social with us, follow us on all social medias, as well as spread the word socially through social sharing, creating facebook fundraiser and more.

Our Partners

Join Us

Become a RevUp advocate "To Improve Children's Health."

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Kids and adults love the RevUp program. Don't take our word for it.

She loves the RevUp program..

"When I got to know Coach DENNIS, IT WAS BETTER, I have made a lot of progress with my school work and I can focus better."
Smyran Ivory
12 years old.

RevUp is designed to help kids improve in all areas in their life from school, to sports and so much more.

If you want to get your children involved with the RevUp program Contact us.

He thinks highly of the program.

"What I think is extremely neat for our kids is each of the five motor skills that he challenges our kids to accomplish are attainable for a six year old in our case all the way to a twelve year old."
Chad Upson
Director of the Boys & Girls club

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